Through the Rabbit Hole
ADWedding 105

Through the Rabbit Hole

Each and every person has his or her own fantasy story and so did Alice. The only difference is that her fantasy story came true. It was a chilly morning and the sum was peeping through the horizon. It brought with it signs of a wonderful day. Little did Alice know, her prince John, was eagerly waiting for her so that they could enter through the rabbit’s mouth together.

Finally, it was her wedding day. Anxious about how the day’s events would unfold, she could not help but smile. Everything so for was going as per the plan. And there was her prince, in a blue suit, shirt and a tie. She had never before seen him as handsome as he was that morning. Something peculiar was happening, they could not look into each other’s eye directly. Everyone would tell that they were already in love.

Who would have known that a potion was all they needed. How did they manage to crack that secret? Well, that’s the language of love.

Finally they were in the woodlands.

Welcomes with a loud applause, song and dances, the family members and friend were excited to welcome them to the venue of the weeding.

“To love you and cherish you for the rest of my life, through bad times and in good times…” they exchanged their vows.

Alice was having the best time of her life. Everyone was excited for the newly wed. What a better way to capture the moments that doing it in photos. Everyone wanted to squeeze their way to take a photo with them. They looked like celebrities.

As the day ended, they exited the woodland gates now as husband and wife.

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