The Sweetest Bite
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The Sweetest Bite

From Buttercream to Fondant, fresh flowers to sumptuous fruits, from Vanilla to Chocolate, nothing can be more special than having the most beautiful centerpiece of a wedding reception, the Wedding Cake. The first decadent treat that the husband and wife will share after the sweetest exchange of “I Dos” not only symbolizes good luck and prosperity but rather a milestone for love and happiness.

Though nowadays, a lot of couples steers off the conventional road. Gone are the 3 tiered cake and here comes cupcakes, macaroons, and even eclairs! Not only that it is a budget-friendly dessert, but it also reflects the creativity and even generosity of the couple as this modern-day eye-candy is easier to share with! 

But whether they are a traditional or a modern couple, that sweetest bite is truly a wonderful memorabilia that will be treasured for the rest of their lives!

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