The Muse behind a Portrait

The Muse behind a Portrait

Portraits, for me, is about a style that embodies expression, freedom and recklessness. It is about the icons who were dare enough to unveil their personality through fashion, even if they were judged for it.

Marie Antoinette is my main inspiration, the muse of the 18th Century. A passionate woman, who was brave enough to wear what she wanted, even if people talked behind her back. It was her original approach to life and her sense of freedom, reflected through her exquisite, and sometimes eccentric fashion decisions that have made her a timeless icon.

Marie Antoinette, the last Queen of France

The Lolita style has also inspired me in my portraits, since it’s an appearance that is sometimes labelled as scandalous and over the top, even though it is an expressive extension of a fearless and reckless personality beyond garments.

It’s in the unconformity with society that daring spirits find a voice and a style, ahead of their times but always fierce and unapologetic. They march at their own pace and never look back.

By breaking the norms of fashion, she created a revolution

Beautiful portraits of a misunderstood soul is the aim of the moments captured through my lens. More than just a series of photographs, they are a statement of the hidden beauty in the rebel fashion that becomes immortalised.

My portraits will be an effort that encapsules the out of the norm, yet with the unique style and grace that only the truly rebellious at heart dare to possess.

What do you think fashion is for you?

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