The Art of Perfection
The Art of Perfection scaled

The Art of Perfection

Mastering the art of perfection… It does have a ring to it when you hear it. I can imagine a Jane Sue being the ideal epitome of a perfect being, being good in just about everything. Give her a bow, she will be able to shoot even though she has never seen an arrow before.

The difference between being perfect and aiming towards perfection is like the difference between being an Angel or a Devil. Being perfect, you may already have a golden spoon and a pair of white wings. You are what people call an Angel. But since you never used your legs to walk before you fly, you never set your foot down on the ground. The devil, however, spends his whole life trying to gain those pair of wings. From below, the angels look like doves, flying into the unknown skies, occasionally dropping a feather onto the lands.

The devil works harder. He reads countless scriptures to learn to master the art of perfection. At one point, he would realise that it is almost impossible. They were always bound to do something wrong. When they try to flip a coin, there is always one side facing the sky and another side facing the ground. Still, he continues to learn, as he spends his time picking the fallen feathers of the ground.

Soon, he manages to grow a pair of wings. Just as wide, with each feather just as strong. He runs out and spreads out his wings, wanting to look at its beauty. He looks at his reflection at a waterfall, realizing that his wings were not the colour of snow, but the colour of coal. He realized that what he achieved is not perfection. He had only achieved the closest possibility of perfection, which is the vast knowledge of all the lands. He still smiles, as he jumps off the waterfall, flying up instead of falling down. Although his wings were different, he was able to fly alongside the white winged beings.

The only difference is that he could come down to the lands whenever he wanted to, while the others could not.

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