Sour Candy
Sour Candy

Sour Candy

As it touches her lips,

She feels a shiver,

Cold, yet satisfying,

Always craving for more.


The first impression is always the same.


You think it’s sweet,

So you quickly give it a kiss.

But as she feels it deeper,

It was just sour.


She tries to hold it in,

Her feeling betrayed.

As she squeezes her eyes shut,

Her mind goes numb.


Soon, the numbness fades.

She opens her eyes,

And bravely takes a bite.


She realised something for the first time.


She feels it again,

This time with more passion.

She finds that that it was soft,

And it was hiding it’s sweetness.


She stops to smile,

Makes up her mind,

And it touches her lips again.


This time, she didn’t dwell on the sour.


With every touch,

She looked forward to what came next.

Because deep down, she knew,

That the hidden sweet,

Will always be the most treasured.

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