Lady of Lethe
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Lady of Lethe

Her memories were fading… She didn’t know why, but with every step she took, she was losing the echo in her head. No longer able to hear the sounds of the hissing snake or the flowing river. The river, she thought. It was beautiful. She could not see its end, neither could she see the beginning. The only vision she gets is of a boat floating in the waters, with a small flicker of light. It was empty with nothing but a lantern, but it was coming towards her. As it comes closer, she removes her shoes and dips her feet in the river. It was shallow, getting deeper with every passing second. With the boat in front of her, she pulled it to shore and climbed aboard. She just had no destination. She had no idea where she came from. But she had a hunch, that it would take her where she needs to be.

The serenity around her was calming and the winds whispered words of reassurance in her ears. Her dress spread across the boat. She leant forward, looking at another side of herself. She could vaguely recognise that person, but it was deep inside her memories that she could not remember. As she leans further, her hair falls forward, dipping itself into the water. She puts her hand on the unfamiliar face, breaking the mirror in front of her.

She now no longer had any of her memories and was starting to get curious. Where am I going? she thought. She stood up, holding the lantern in front of her. A distance away, she could see that she was reaching a large tree. A single tree, surrounded by the waters. The boat slowed down, eventually stopping. She got off the boat and into the river. The waters came up to her waist and she could feel a shiver building up on her feet. Dragging her soaked dress, she walks towards the shore.

The tree, now in front of her, was magnificent. Leaves of gold and a bark so high, she could not help but wonder where it reached. She puts her palm on a branch, feeling the roughness against her skin. A sudden gush of wind shook the tree, but only a single leaf falls. She lets in fall on her palm. The leaf immediately shrivels and turns to dust in her hand. She looks around her, seeing something for the first time.

She could see a very special tale being told right in front of her eyes.

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