How to Choose a Wedding Photographer

the big question

The big day is here. The most special date of your life. And you want every moment to be saved forever. That’s why you cannot play with the photographer at your wedding. But how to choose the best one for you?

Here are some recommendations to make your wedding photos perfect.

number 1

The style of the photographer

There are various styles of wedding photography. Because it is essential that, in the first place, you find a photographer who likes your style. Look thoroughly at the photographer’s website and think if you want that kind of photos.

Keep in mind that the images are on the photographer’s website will be similar to the ones you have of your wedding. So the main thing is to make sure that the photographer’s style fits perfectly with you.

My recommendation is that you think a bit about what kind of photos you will still like in 5, 10 or 15 years. In my opinion, the best photographs are those with a modern visual style and high-quality processing, respecting the original colours and with excellent definition. The best photographers in the world are of that style of photos.

number 2

May I show you an entire wedding?

It is easy to get one good photo of a wedding. And if you’ve done 20 weddings, you already have 20 good photos. But you do not want just a picture of your wedding. Ask to be shown all the photos of a single wedding.

An album, for example. There you can see how is that photographer in general, not just for a good picture. And if you know how to tell the story of a wedding in general, do not only make an artistic photo without more.

number 3

The human factor

The relationship you establish with the photographer will mark the final result. Talk to him as much as you can, and that way, you will feel more comfortable. After all, he/she is the only person who will accompany you throughout the day of your wedding.

Since you start to get ready in the morning until the crazy hours of the party. And is that in most cases, a good photographer can become a great friend. So if you connect with him/her, everything will go much better.

Make a meeting before the wedding in which you talk about the essential photos.

Some grooms attach great importance to the fact that all the guests come out in the wedding photos.

Others prefer to focus on the critical moments of the event. Maybe what worries you is that especially your parents come out in many images. Ask your photographer if you can make a meeting in which you prepare the essential photos you want to have on your album.

This way, you will save unpleasant surprises because the picture that you took for granted that the photographer would do is not done. In short, try to create a good flow of communication. It will make everything easier. And you will make sure that the chosen photographer is in tune with what you expect from him.

number 4

The price passes, the photos remain

When you hire a photographer, make sure what is included in your offer. The usual thing is that the prices that are offered are just for taking the pictures. And then you will surely have to add the cost of the album.

There are Thousands of options and all valid. The important thing is that when you compare prices, you have in mind what they offer for the same price. Although my advice is that, above all, choose the photographer because you like his photos.

In the end, the images are the only thing that remains after the wedding (along with the rings) and are responsible for you to relive each moment and get back to your emotions like the day of the wedding. You will not remember the price after a few months. But the photos will be there forever.

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