Capturing imaginations


General Questions

Oh yes! I am fully vaccinated. All 3 shots, including the booster.

Most of the time, I work alone. But for larger events or themed photoshoots, I would have an assistant or a second photographer to ensure smoothness and complete coverage.

All my assistants and second photographers are talented and are capable of leading smaller events as a lead shooter on their own.

Yes, I am a registered, sole proprietorship business. Do contact me here for proof of registration, if required.

Well, yes and no. I am a professional photographer and have been doing this for over 5 years now. But I am not a full time photographer (although I aim to be one day!).

I can completely understand this doubt. Have no worries, as I have been ranked in various websites as a trustworthy photographer. This includes:

You may also check out the reviews from past clients here.

There are three things I would love to get from you: your utmost trust, complete coorperation and an amazing review.

Everything else, leave them to me!

Wedding Day

All bookings are on first-come-first-serve basis. This is to ensure that all enquiries are taken seriously. But if there are concerns such as COVID among family member or travel issues, do talk to me. We can work something out.

Wow, this is the most common question I receive. On average, you will receive photos 50-80 per hour with a single shooter, and 80-100 photos per hour with a second shooter.


Number of photos can be more that stipulated above, depending on various factors such as the frequency of major moments or the size of the event.


It’s always quality over quantity.

Ideally, do give me at least 30-45 minutes to ensure a variety of shots. I would love to explore the wedding venue and ensure a memorable photoshoot experience.

If it is possible, I would love to have a site visit (although it is not necessary). If I need a site visit, I can always arrive at least an hour before to take a look around the venue and to prepare myself.

It would be great if you did, but this is not a contractual requirement. While we do carry around candy and chocolate to keep our sugar level high throughout the wedding, nothing would beat your lovely gesture of a hot meal!


Ideally, you can set up our meals at the same time as your own meals, as that is when you are not the most photogenic.

For 90% of the situations, a bad weather would simply mean an indoor photoshoot. Most hotels and venues are just as gorgeous as your wedding hall, so it is possible to stay on schedule.


If you still wish to shoot outdoors or in the rain, no problem! I always carry around transparent umbrellas, rain coats and camera rain covers so yes, let’s jump in the rain!

Yes, I do. If you wish to shoot only your main ceremony, do let me know during your enquiry. I can customise a package for you accordingly.

Yicks! I remember the challenges of bad lighting many times. But don’t worry! I have ample flashes and continuous lighting, as well as cameras which work well in low light conditions. I will also arrive early to prepare and setup my lighting equipment, if needed.

Most of the time, yes. Downtime doesn’t mean we are not working. There are things we need to do in the background such as backing up the morning photos, travelling to the next location, scouting and preparing at the next location etc. which are done during this time.


But if the downtime is very long (yes, around 6-8 hours long), we can discuss and adjust the rates accordingly.

Pre Wedding & Maternity

Most definitely! I would love to get involved in your photoshoot styling and planning. A simple way to begin is to think about the following pointers:

  • Indoor or Outdoor?
  • City or Nature?
  • (Nature) Garden or Beach?
  • (City) Street or Landscape?
  • Casual or Gown?

You can also look at pinterest and create a moodboard of your favourite shots and share them with me. I work with various talented artists and florists who can create your ideal settings.

With lots and lots of communication! Creating those styled photoshoots you see in magazines and blogs are a dream-come-true for many, and I would love to help you achieve those dreams. With enough time and coordination, coming up with styled shoots won’t be a fleeting dream much longer!

Yes and no. There are so many locations out there, and I cannot guarantee that I have been to every location. Not to worry, as new locations will be visited and planned long before the day of the photoshoot to prevent any surprises. 

On average, you would get 40 photos per hour.

Most outdoor locations in Singapore are free, and some locations require permits but at no additional charges (e.g. Jewel, Hort Park, Library etc.). But there are some locations which require permits and have additional charges. Some examples include:

  • National Gallery & Museum
  • Gardens by the Bay (Floral Fantasy, Cloud Forest & Flower Dome)
  • Changi Airport
  • DUO Galleria
  • Some cafes etc.

Do contact me here for more details.

Oh yes! Creating custom setups is something I enjoy puting together and with enough time and coordination, coming up with styled shoots will be more than possible! Do discuss your ideas with me and I will share the possibilities accordingly.

Yes, studio rental is possible for a fixed rate of $150 for a minimum of 2 hours. And no, this is not my own studio. I will be opening my own studio soon for fairy tale and fine art themes, so do follow me on instagram to keep an eye on upcoming developments!

Well, there are many options. The first would be to simply wait out the rain as rain in Singapore is no more than 30-45 minutes. Else, you may choose to postpone the photoshoot do a different date. Additional charges may apply for changing dates and the circumstances.


If you still wish to shoot outdoors or in the rain, no problem! I always carry around transparent umbrellas, rain coats and camera rain covers so yes, let’s jump in the rain!

I would say 3-5 weeks, but I will share a preview of the photoshoot within a few days so that you can share with your family and friends!


Express editing is available as well. For $200, you may receive your images within 10 days (including weekends).

The best time for a maternity photo session is around 28 to 36 weeks of the pregnancy, but expecting mothers can choose to have their photoshoot as long as they’re not a little too close to their delivery dates and they can still move around with a growing baby bump.

Creativity & Style

As a Fine Art  photographer, I am inspired by fairy tales, the magic and wonder that they represent. That style is at the heart of my wedding photography, as I tell the story of that special day, building a portfolio of images that capture those once-in-a-lifetime memories you will bring you constant joy every day.


You can read more about me and my style here.

I will shoot the entire wedding in digital, but sometimes, I may also carry around a film camera. Usually, I bring out the films during couple photoshoots or when you are interacting with others, and not during major moments like walk-ins and cake cutting as I do not want to miss capturing those moments.


If you wish to have some shots with a film camera, do let me know! I can arrange it for you.

Editing provided includes colour correction, horizon alignment, cropping, light adjustment, minor retouching etc. This is at the same level as what you see on the website.


This does not include major retouching (e.g. slimming waist/arms, changing backgrounds, making eyes bigger, removing Uncle Tom etc.).

I always promote a ‘love your body’ image. There is nothing good about making your arms thinner or your waist smaller or your eyes bigger, because the photos would not be your natural self.


But if you wish to make these changes, this will be considered as retouching and will have additional charges of $3 per image. More complex editing such as changing entire backgrounds or removing your uncle Tom or aunt May from the photo would be $5 per image.


I absolutely love creating flatlays. This brings out the smaller details of the wedding which many do not notice. While there are no additional charges for these shots, I will need at least 30 minutes to setup and take the photos. You will also need to let me know your colour scheme before hand, so that I can prepare the necessary props. You may refer to my blog post here to learn more about flatlays.

Blog & Publicity

While I can submit your wedding or photoshoot to be featured in different managines and blogs, there are varying factors to considered. Some features may require model release forms to be signed. Do contact me for more info.

Definitely! These are photos of the best moments in your life, so go ahead and share the joy. It would be even better if you could tag me in the photos (not compulsory in any way) as nothing makes me happier than seeing you happy with the photos.

Equipment & Image Backup

My main bodies are Canon 5D mark IVs and my film cameras are both Canon AE-1. All lenses are used either Canon or Sigma lenses. My lighting are Godox V1 and AD200.

I am aware that accidents do happen. Slipping on the veil, hitting myself on an opening door, drinks spilling on my camera… These are unforceen accidents. But it’s ok, as I always work with dual cameras and with one other spare always kept in my bag in case of emergency. 

I never delete my photos, but requesting a complete replacement will be charged at $80-150 per event or per photoshoot, depending on the duration. Do make sufficient backups of your photos as soon as you receive them to prevent this from happening.

Oh yes. I have learn it overtime and have since created working methods to ensure safety of the photos. Firstly, all photos will be shot in dual slot camera. This is the first level of backup. Secondly, the photos are transferred to my cloud storage as soon as I reach home. This is the second level of backup.


Once photos are edited, they are uploaded to your online gallery, which is the first level of edited storage. These are then saved in the same cloud storage as the RAW photos, which is the second level of edited storage.

Wow, let’s pray that this day may never come. But if it does, I will refund the cost or part thereof of the total package price depending on how much I delivered. For photoshoots, I will provide a full re-shoot at no additional charges, on request.

Booking & Payment

My default payments would be either Paynow or Bank Transfer. But if required, I can arrange PayPal as well. Do note that PayPal would have a slight increase in pricing.

Yes I do! Do let me know if you require split payments. I can arrange a schedule accordingly.

In the event of the Clients cancelling the wedding for whatever reason the booking fee is non-refundable. It will be considered as liquidated damages to the Photographers.

The next step would be the planning stage. I will share a checklist to help you with this, and if we will stay in touch till D-day. At this stage, feel free to ask me for advice on placement settings or flower arrangements, as I would be able to advice on the most photogenic locations.

The deposit is 50% nett. This would be the only way to block the date on my calander.

If my date is available for your new date, then yes, it can be pushed. But if I am no longer available, it will not be refunded as it will be considered as liquidated damage.

Deliverables & Galleries

Completely in RAW. This allows me to process and edit your photos to the style you see throughout my website. The end products I share with you, however, would be in JPEG.

No, these will not be provided. RAW images are unfinished products. It is the same as holding a blank canvas and some paints on a palatte, with no pretty picture. And what you are paying me is to paint that pretty picture, not for the blank canvas. In other words, the editing is half the job of a photographer.


The next reason would that that RAW files take up a lot of space on hard drive. Having thousands of unprocessed photos would fill up so much of your storage memory. Trust me, it is not worth it.



It’s a password-protected website through which I will share all edited photos. These can be downloaded and shared with others, a quick and easy way to spread the joy with your friends and family.


Do contact me for sample galleries here.

Nope, they are not. Any high resolution photos shared with you will not be watermarked.

A photoshoot or wedding coverage usually results from a few hundred to a few thousand photos. We will cull the photos to a suitable amount before they get processed and ready for your viewing.


Culling is a process where we usually remove accidental and duplicate shots.

According to Singapore Copyright Act, rights to wedding photos will belong to the photographers by default. If you wish to have rights to your photos, do contact me and joint ownership can be discussed.

My Partners & Partnership

Oh yes! I do have talented contacts whom I have worked with. We have a strong partnership and will be able to provide combined package for you.


Do contact me here and let me know what you are looking for. Some options include:

  • Videographer
  • Hair & Makeup Artist
  • Gown Boutiques
  • MCs & DJs etc.

While I do not have my own shop, I do work with many boutiques with various promotions and discounts when booking together with Vera Morgana Photography.


Do contact me here and let me know what you are looking for.

Well, yes and no. At any point in time, some of the vendors I work with may have ongoing promotions, for which I would love to hook you up with so do contact me here and let me know what you are looking for.


For photography promotions, follow me on my instagram to stay up to date!

Wow! Thank you for considering me as someone you would like to work with! I would be happy to setup a meeting with you to discuss further. You may whatsapp me here, or drop me at email to