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The Inevitable War

Darkest Rose

Book 1

Ella Desouza is a girl with a gift she doesn’t understand and a future she doesn’t want. Edmund Gilmore is a boy with a thirst for adventure driven by a purpose he cannot explain. When the two meet by an apparent mishap, they fall so deeply for each other they suspect it cannot have been a fluke.

Unbeknownst to the young lovers, this is not their first courtship. Twenty years ago an evil force intervened to destroy their future by tragedy. Even now in their present incarnations, that same cryptic enemy stalks them once again. Ella’s arranged engagement is far from the darkest cloud over their heads.

Gradually, the two become aware of special powers they possess which might properly equip them for defeating their true foe, though they have yet to fully identify it. Magick and love together form a powerful arsenal.

What love alone could not previously achieve, can magick conquer this time?

Torn Veil

Book 2

Coming soon!