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Planning a Styled Shoot

the plan

Planning a styled shoot is all about telling a story through your photo shoot. It is a great way to express your creativity and network with other business owners. We are here with few tips that will aid you in planning a styled shoot.

number 1

Select a Theme

Selecting a theme is the foundation of a successful style shoot. It may sound easy but it is not. You can select your theme based on a color scheme, pattern, storybook, venue, movie, etc.

For example, you can have a woodsy or rustic styled shoot at an Airbnb cabin surrounded by forest. Or you can have one at a beach or even at a luxurious and French mansion for that renaissance and royal look.

number 2

Create a Mood Board

Creating a mood board is a must and can be helpful for your shoot to visualize it. You can simply create your mood board on Pinterest or open up a word file and drag your favorite images that will act as your inspiration. Add the color scheme, the style of the dress, location, lighting, and any other relative necessary thing that is important for the shoot.

You can also build your mood boards on Dropmark, Evernote, and Dropbox paper.

number 3

Getting The Settings Right

Look out for the venue, props, and lighting for your styled shoot. If you are planning to pull off a shoot outside the country in the while then don’t forget to look into the rules and regulations of wherever you are heading. If you are opting for a private location or public land carry a permit with yourself. Photography in national parks is usually permit-free.

In addition to the hours spent on photography and editing, you will also need to look into budget and time for planning and communication, setting up and styling, props, and wardrobe items as well as cleaning up later on and returning the rented or borrowed items.

number 4


Styled shoots are a great way of collaboration with professionals from other areas. You can make great relationships with other photographers, event planners, vendors, and florists. Also, you can curate your dream team and make picks for the top three in every category, makeup, and hair, florist, wardrobe, venue, invitations, etc. Mail the first ones on your list and ask them to respond on a specified date. If they don’t reply then mail the second one.

the portfolio

You can create a killer-styled wedding portfolio with a few of the above-mentioned tips that will also allow you to explore your creative freedom. Make sure to have some fun!

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