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why create a mood board for your wedding?

Is your wedding just round the corner and you’ve got an endless to-do list? The best thing you can do to streamline all your ideas and all the errands you need to do for that wedding checklist by curating a personalized mood board!


Wedding planning can become easier like never before, once you decide to make a mood board encompassing all your different ideas you’ve got in mind for the most special day of you and your significant others life!


 Keep on reading to truly be inspired and create one of your own, we’ve also listed some ideas to go about making it.

reason #1

Personalize Your Wedding

As the digital landscape has transgressed the most in the 21st century, and people of from all cultures and traditions are getting married in a unique way of their own, you can gather inspiration from them- in a click through the internet. Ideas ranging from décor, giveaways, catering, bridesmaids and best man looks, to the theme of your event- whether you want it to be more homely or grand. Mold the inspirational idea, to a more personalized one, with the way which you and your partner like- fitting in your likes and hobbies with the whole wedding process.

reason #2

stylize your wedding, your way

We’re sure that wedding planning is as draining and stress alleviating, once you direct all of these emotions into a creative outlet, the ideas which bloom will be phenomenal. You and your significant other have got a unique story of your own, and we’re sure the whole wedding will be an experience which will walk your guest right through it.  While crafting your moodboard, sit with your partner and delve into the details of your life together- including hobbies, vacations, events, your work life and your passions which you’ve developed together!

reason #3

Wedding Planner's Inspiration

Inspiration can root from almost anywhere, at any time. So your best bet is to have a mood board handy to jot it at all down and keep your references up to date, the minute you gain inspiration from a certain thing or event, to add to the whole process for your special day. This can be from seeing a certain décor arrangement, to gaining ideas from retreats, getaways and even some formal luncheons. A mood board will also make it better for your wedding planner to understand how you want your wedding to look and feel like. While putting everything together, ask your planner for tips and feedback too as they have tons of experience and know the ins and outs of the wedding planning process.

reason #4

style building process

Creating a style file to truly suit and reflect you and your partners aura is indeed a tiresome process, and all of it just does not come in one go. Stick to a specific theme, along with a color palette which really upholds the whole look and feel of the wedding, ad make sure to design everything else around it. You can also get a personalized motif made. The style can be anything from bohemian, to vintage or even contemporary modern- the list is truly endless!

reason #5

colour coordinate according to your theme

Be it pastels, poppy colors or a muted cp;pr palette- taking the help of a mood board, you can put together different color combination and see what works and what doesn’t. Seeing everything come together right infront of your eyes before the big day saves you from making any mistakes. We also recommend including the brands or companies you’ll be hiring for catering, music, floral arrangement, dress, etc so that you can see everything together.

reason #6

websites for mood boards

Pinterest truly takes the prize when it comes to a curated online mood board, you can simply type out whatever you have in mind and endless pins and image inspirations, including décor and giveaway ideas will pop up, and you can ‘pin’ them to your own personal board in no time. If you went alternatives to Pinterest, other websites which offer somewhat the same content, and act as alternatives are We Heart It, DudePins, PearlTrees Dribbble, FoodGawker.


Creating a mood board for your wedding can really help make the wedding planning process easier as you have all your thoughts together in one place.

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