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Minimony vs Micro-wedding vs Elopement

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Couples have been choosing to get married in rather simpler and smaller ceremonies nowadays. Recently we have even seen celebrity couples following the same trend of micro-wedding as well as elopement. The latest type of “Minimony” has also been introduced which is followed by a sequel wedding.

Minimony vs. Micro-wedding vs. Elopement

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Minimony is a cute word for a smaller and intimate wedding that takes place on your wedding date that you have planned. It is a mini version of the wedding which is usually followed by a larger “sequel” of a wedding planner in the future. Minimony happens usually due to uncontrollable circumstances such as COVID’19 or unexpected budget reasons.


Minimony is a commitment ceremony between you and your partner and may include up to only 10 guests. It is about keeping things simple by involving only an officiant, handwritten vows, few close guests, a mini wedding cake, and a small floral arrangement with a photographer capturing your special occasion from afar.

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A micro wedding includes a list of up to 50 guests only that often includes family and close friends only. This small-scale form of a wedding is great when you want a gorgeous destination wedding or couples with a small budget. You can rent out cafes, restaurants, parks, or even bars that are beautifully designed to save your costs on décor.


Micro-wedding is a cross in between an elopement and a big, traditional wedding and it is all about converting the macro experience into a micro one.

Minimony vs. Micro-wedding vs. Elopement

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Initially, elopement weddings were considered as unplanned events and spur-of-the-moment with an element of secrecy but nowadays couples are adding extra steps to personalize it. Elopements are more laid-back, intimate, and spontaneous than a Minimony and a perfect contradiction to large weddings.


Many couples plan to have their elopement wedding at a particular venue but it does not require a specific venue as well as an extensive guest list. Do you wish to say your “I do” with a backdrop of mountains or do you want to recite your vows on a beach in Hawaii, if so then an elopement wedding is for you?

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Minimony, micro-wedding as well as elopements are the terms used interchangeably by many couples but they do have slight differences which are addressed in this blog. And since we are already on the topic of wedding, make sure to check us out. We are wedding photographers in Singapore and will be honored to capture your memories forever.

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