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Flatlay Styling & Details

What is a flaylay?

Flatlays are aesthetic and something we see all over Instagram and Pinterest. It’s a creative way to photograph and allows you to add some personality into each shot. How many times have you seen a gorgeous flatlay and tried to recreate it but could not manage to get it exactly right? We are here to solve that problem and talk about flatlay styling and the details that matter for capturing that perfect shot.

Tip #1

Avoid Background Noise

A clean background is essential for a good flatlay. Whatever you use as a background should compliment the items you lay on it and distract from it. Some great backgrounds to use are:

  • White duvet
  • Marble
  • White table or flat board
  • Distressed natural wood

Tip #2

Think of the story

When putting together a flatlay, think about the message or story you are trying to convey. Think of a theme and that will determine the background and props you need. Some ideas could be:

  • Lazy morning in bed
  • Makeup of the day

tip #3

Use props that make sense

When styling a flatlay, props are an essential part of your picture. The right props can make or break your flatlay, so pay special attention to them. Taking into consideration the ideas we mentioned in tip # 2, if you are taking a picture of a lazy morning in bed, props can include a coffee mug, cozy socks, a magazine or a book.


There are some generic props that make sense in most flatlays, for example your hand. Use your hand to interact with any of the objects in a flatlay because then it looks more relatable. Simple actions like holding the coffee mug or turning a magazine page would do.


Plants are also a common prop to include as they add a touch of warmth to your flatlay. They also serve as the perfect spot to fill that empty space.

tip #4

good lighting

Lighting is an essential part of a good flatlay. We recommend you make use of natural light as it instantly adds a little something to your picture. Shoot in front of a big window.

tip #5

keep it simple

This may just be the most valuable tip in this blog. Your flatlay does not need 10 different items, so don’t overcrowd. The best flatlays are those which contains one focal point and a few styling elements. The more props you add, the busier it gets and takes away from the main element of the picture.

So let's begin!

We hope we provided you with some valuable information on flatlay styling and the details that matter. Now go and take some amazing pictures!

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