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15 Common Mistakes of a Photographer


Photography is one of the main elements in any wedding ceremony. When we think about photography we think that it’s just about pointing the camera towards the thing and voila but it’s not that easy and even the most professional photographers can do mistakes. But what are the most common mistakes that can be avoided by photographers to have that perfect picture? Here are 15 common mistakes:

Number 1

Don't let the blur ruin your picture

Taking blurry and out-of-focus pictures is one of the most common mistakes and a very easy one to make. One small move by the subject or misinterpretation by your camera and here it goes. The blurry picture can ruin it all.

number 2

Subtle it up

Always go for subtle colors when it comes to weddings. Colors that are too strong and unrealistic can be a creative choice but can add up to poor color management. Use a color-calibrated monitor. Subtle colors can make any picture more desirable.

number 3

lessen the clutter, more focus on you

Photos that aren’t interesting and badly composed, over-cluttered or an over-shot subject can be another of the most common mistake by the photographers. Also, nobody wants a picture so busy that takes their eyes away from the bride and groom.

number 4

invest in a better lens, a must

Don’t rely on your “kit lens” as it won’t give you the best result. If you want to become a pro-wedding photographer, invest in a good one that can focus well. The better the lens, you better the picture quality.

number 5

save yourself fron the drained batteries

This goes without saying but keep your batteries charged. This is a common mistake done by many new photographers but it takes some time to get used to it. Having spare batteries is a must.

number 6

your subject matters

Don’t look at the display more and focus more on the subject. Take a set of photos, review the ant then decide what to do. Take into account the real display and not your camera one!

number 7

speed up your process

Pick an SD or CF card that has a good speed. Write speed can make a huge difference and save you from severely slowing down your shooting. This will also save your time as well as the time of the bride and groom.

number 8

say hello to the subject and bye to the dull picture

Adding no subject to your photo can bring dullness to it. The light and color in a picture are important but sometimes your image needs a substance to it as well. For a beautiful image mix it with an interesting subject matter.

number 9

remembrance is the key

Mistakes are mostly about what you did wrong, but not remembering what you did right should not be forgotten. This knowledge will help you to recreate your photographs better. Whenever you get a good shot, make sure that you know what exactly you did you make it happen the next time as well.

number 10

look out for the tones

Many times the contrast, exposure, and black and white levels are off. The overall tones are vital and these elements should be adjusted in your camera for that perfect picture. The better the tones the beautiful the picture outcome!

number 11

too much HDR, a no-no

Keep your picture editing simple as doing too much to your photos can make it worse. Too much HDR or over-coloring can feel like art but can strip all the emotion out of a picture and make it unreal.

number 12

too many pictures, a no-no

Avoid too many photos as nobody has time to wade through million photographs and it can get confusing. Too many pictures will take away your precious editing time from you.

number 13

back up is your saviour

Not having a plan B is the worst mistake of all. Always make sure to have a backup of your critical pieces of equipment. Having a plan B can save you from so many embarrassing moments.

number 14

save the crop

Don’t crop your pictures while editing them as it never works. The cropped image doesn’t look appealing to the eye and the viewer can feel the cropped detailing at the first glance. It can throw off the look of the image.

number 15

look out for contamination

Look out for elements such as particles and dust while you change the lenses. Avoid taking your lens off as it can expose your sensor to the elements. Such particles can be a pain to clean and can impact the results of your pictures.

A memory for a lifetime

Hope this article helps you to avoid some of the mistakes and helps you learn and save your precious time.


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