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Beauties inspired Photoshoot for BeaUties

Idea from tradition

Every bride is indeed an impeccable beauty. What about the groom? Well, who cares? (Just kidding! I do).

I used to wonder about what brings two beautiful souls together for a marriage? Especially in this modern era, why don’t people just settle down for live-in relationships? I got this question answered to the highest degree of satisfaction. (Why else would I be here, on a wedding photography business, and spoiler alert – why else would you be here?)

Marriage is to seal memories with your precious lover. A belief, custom and a thriving tradition. A trait which is imbibed in our DNA making it a cultural constant.

This got me into thinking, what if you embrace the ceremony of marriage, “The Wedding”, in a traditional way? Immortalized through ancient paintings, the legendary beauties of China could be a great inspiration to immortalize your big day with contemporary Photography.

Paintings, the golden age Photography has left us with several clues of our ancient fashion, culture, and heritage – to inspire from.

Wang Zhaojun

Marriage Voyage

A click of the gorgeous bride roped in an elegant red fur-lined coat, posing with the pipa instrument is a poetic inspiration from Wang Zhaojun. This portrait depicting the historic journey of Wang Zhaojun crossing the Great Wall of China to save the Han empire will be a perfect metaphor for the onset of your courageous feat of marriage.

Posturing of composed Wang Zhaojun shall spur several pink blushes of the bride.

A Chinese saying goes “enticed by this beauty the birds forgot to flap and fell onto the ground”. No wonder that you shall as well cause the same effect on them.

Yang Guifei


Why not spend your wedding day lavishly like the Tang Dynasty beauty Yang Guifei?

How about a vibrant bridal photo shoot on bright daylight in the backdrop of a colourful garden?

Do you hear Yang Guifei saying, “A Casual Stroll in a Flower Garden means many Candid Pictures”?

Photographs, capturing the sight of the jealous flowers bending in shame at your beauty shall tell stories to your grandkids and their grandkids as well.


The Classic Pre-wedding Photoshoot session of the sizzling bride in a long white laced charming Cheongsam and mandarin collar alongside the Changshan wore groom will be an enchanting experience.

An Epic Tale Wedding Photoshoot of the happy bride in lucky red Kwa Qun Qipao with the dragon and phoenix embroidery down in the front, symbolizing the perfect balance of the yin and yang of the bride and groom. I am certain that the fortune of your wedding day will clasp the hands of the bride and groom forever.

If you are a fearless bride planning on the trash the dress, then you could pull off a long white Mermaid gown on a sandy beach which will fantasize a Photoshoot session like the Love Story.

Xi Shi


While I don’t want you to bother washing silk yarn at a pond like Xi Shi, but a playful Pre-Wedding Photoshoot alongside a beautiful lake will be magical. Donning a perfect fitting long Hanfu dress, with cross collars, right lapel, decorative sash, and embroidery – you will be the fairest bride among your circle.

Xi Shi’s portrait alongside the pond is an inspiration for a breezy evening bridal photo shoot in the backdrop of calming waters.

They say that “fishes in the pond forgot to swim and sank” dazzled by Xi Shi’s beauty, and they also say that History repeats itself, now we have a fish problem, don’t we?



Diaochan is my favorite among the four beauties. She has been an inspiration to several video games like Dynasty Warriors, Warriors Orochi.

Bride’s Gaze like Diaochan’s will fasten the beats of any one’s heart.

Looking at your wedding pictures, how could anyone resist asking you “if you are gazing at the hidden moon, who has shied away from in embarrassment at your beauty or if you are secretly admiring your Mr. Perfect who is not in this frame”?

Well, just tell them that the only third person who knows the answer to this is the photographer (me!), but don’t worry your secret is safe with me.


To me, joy lies in capturing and immortalizing the joy-filled picturesque moments of the beautiful souls through the fascinating photography and passing it on for generations to spread the joy forever.

My cameras are ready to click and flash on your Wedding.

Are you ready to say Cheese?

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