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Getting married is one of the grandest occasions of anyone’s life and who doesn’t want to capture those precious moments and make them a part of your everyday life through albums and canvas prints. Many of us not only want to bring them on a frame for ourselves but also purpose them as a décor as well as for showing off.  So, let’s get into what exactly an album, canvas print, and framed prints are.


Albums are simply a series of photographic prints collected in a form of a book. They are great for personal use. On the other hand, digital albums are the ones created for your digital backups, i.e. phones, laptop, and other digital devices.

canvas prints

Canvas prints provide a versatile approach when it comes to decorating a wall. They are frameless making them adaptable to any style and the vibrant color pops and looks like a work of art perfect for decoration. They have a different texture that adds depth to the colors of the pictures and comes in glossy as well as a matte finish. The image printed is also permanent and doesn’t give a glare.

regular framed prints

Regular framed prints can be swapped easily and are good if you want to match the color scheme of the room with the frame as you can change them. You can choose a simple frame to give more attention to the picture or a more stylized frame to bring out a contemporary or traditional character of the photo.

art prints

Art prints, on the other hand, can noticeably different in texture, thickness and size as it is printed on a cardstock which can include a matte finish or a shimmer finish. They are also less costly as compared to canvas.


If you want to hang a collection of prints you should consider a “collage”. Choose the number of prints, sizes, and the variety of angles. Collages are the perfect cute layout!

split images

You can opt for a “Split Images” which is similar to a college but a single picture is split into multiple canvases. It is a quick way to develop a visual interest and bring color to your wall.


There is no shortage of options when it comes to opting for the best photo print. Since we are already on the topic of photography don’t forget to check us out if you are getting married in Singapore! We are wedding photographers who would be honored to capture your everlasting moments!

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