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A Telugu Wedding

An Introduction

A Telugu wedding is a joyous and lively occasion and is popular across the globe due to its colorful festivities. Brimming with traditions let us share with you the beautiful moments and highlights of a Telugu wedding. Telugu weddings are a mix of classic events such as Pellikuturu, Pellikoduku, and Mangala Snanam with the introduction of modern events like Mendi and Sangeet.

the beginning



The wedding ceremony starts with the official ceremony where the couple is declared that they are going to be married and the auspicious date and time for the wedding are decided. The couple exchange rings and the bride’s mother-in-law gift her with jewellery and clothes.




The festivities began with the pellikuturu function featured with the décor that consists of soulful elements such as marigold blooms and traditional brass ornaments. The bride usually opts for a saree with colours such as yellow, red, and green. This event is held one or two days before the wedding and in the ritual, a paste of turmeric and flour with aromatic oils is smeared on the body of the bride followed by a bath with turmeric water.

the wedding begins

The main wedding ceremony consists of fun and soulful rituals with all of them having a reason and meaning behind them.


Walking down the aisle under a canopy of blooms surrounded by friends and family is an incredible feeling. The bride makes an entrance at the main ceremony and then the rituals began.


Mangala Shanam


Mangala Shanam simply means Holy Bath and it takes place on the morning of the main wedding when the couple is taken for ceremonial baths. After the bath, the couple dresses up for the other rituals.

the 'runaway' groom



This one is specifically for boys where in the olden days they were sent away to learn the scriptures and had to perform Snathakam, which signified that their education is complete and now they can take on responsibilities. Especially starting a family.


Kashi Yatra


It is a fun ritual where the groom pretends to go for Kashi to renounce worldly pleasures but is convinced by the bride’s brother to stay and marry her. The groom is then welcomed by the bride’s parents.

A prayer

Ganesh Pooja


This is the first thing that takes place on the mandap and the groom has to take part in it. This Pooja is performed so that wedding goes well and for a prosperous married life.


Ghauri Pooja


The bride offers prayers to Goddess Ghauri for fertility and motherhood and would seek her blessing.

a promise to protect

Kanyadaan Kanyadanam & Panigrahanam


The bride’s parents perform this ritual where after washing the groom’s feet they offer their daughter’s hand to the groom. The groom promises to protect the bride and love and respect her.

a glimpse into the future



This also means Cumin and Jaggery. In this ceremony, a paste of jaggery and cumin is placed in the hands of the couple at an auspicious hour. The couple places the paste in their hands and moves their hands above the curtain. This ritual indicates that the couple will stick together in the bitter-sweet phase of life.

the birth of the bond

Mangal Sutram


To signify mental, physical, and spiritual union with each other this ritual takes place where the groom ties a sacred yellow thread smeared with Haldi around the bride’s neck in three knots.

the colourful play



The pandit chants the mantras while the bride and the groom shower each other’s heads with talambralu that include pearls, colored rice, and thermocol balls.

the acceptance



In a pot full of milk and rose petals, a gold ring is dropped and the pot is then brought to the mandap. The bride and groom search for the ring while struggling for it in a fun and humorous way. After that garlands are exchanged between the bride and groom.


Kanyadaan Akshata


The couple exchange garlands which signifies that they have accepted each other as partners while the family and friends shower them with flowers and turmeric-coloured rice.

the seven Vows

Saptapadi & Sthaalipaakam


The couple takes seven rounds around the holy fire while taking their marriage vows. The one end of the groom’s dhoti is tied with the bride’s sari. After this, the groom puts a silver toe ring on the bride’s toe.

Finding their star

Arundhati Nakshatram


The couple spots Arundhati and Vasistha nakshatram (star) in the sky after Saptapadi & Sthaalipaakam. This ritual shows that they are the ideal couple and are an example.

the reception

The festivities come to an end with a reception party where the bride and the groom offer their guests yummy traditional feasts. This event is a modern take on a traditional Telugu wedding and also consists of beautiful décor with an enchanting evening to remember.

the attire

The traditional attire of a Telugu bride consists of an off-white sari with red sari borders but modern brides prefer to wear sarees that come in vibrant colours such as orange, blue, green, fuchsia pink, and combinations of such colours.

the conclusion

Telugu weddings are truly a visual delight with a blend of customs and rituals. Capture such beautiful moments with us now by contacting me at

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