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10 Shots Every Couple Needs


Walking down the aisle in your beautiful bespoke, white gown. Looking through your veil and seeing all eyes on you from friends and family. Reaching the end of the aisle to face the man of your dreams. Kissing him deeply as you become man and wife. Dancing with everyone and having the time of your life. Cutting the cake. Laughing and celebrating.


These would be memories you cherish. What better way to record these moments than by photographs?

Here are the top 10 shots every bride and groom need to capture.

Number 1

Selfie for the Keeps

But perhaps the best photo is the most personal one. No one knows you better than each other. What better way to keep a memory of being newlyweds than with the chance to capture your loving moments with a click of your phone.

number 2

Caught in the Act

Candid moments, where the love radiates throughout the bride and groom, are best kept. Nothing spells out happiness than a sincere smile with eyes that twinkle with joy.

number 3

The Royal Portrait

Just like a king and queen, every newlywed must have that classic formal shot. What better way to remind yourselves of the powerful couple that you are as it hangs in your home for years to come.

number 4

Subtle Titanic

For something more subdued and romantic, an embrace from behind will make every bride feel protected by her groom. Just as Jack supported Rose as they stood on deck of the Titanic and took in what the vast world offered.

number 5

The Gown & The Tux

Spice up your photos with things unique to the bride, her lipstick, or to the groom, his bowtie. More than a ceremony, weddings are a fun celebration of the union of man and woman—two individuals distinct in their sense of self.

number 6

Binding Myself To You

The ring is the symbol of marriage showing man and woman endlessly bound together in a cycle of love. An important shot to take to remind you the commitment you have made.

number 7

When I Look At You

One look can say it all. Gazing at each other, full of love and affection, is a moment truly worth capturing. It is the perfect photo to say you are the apple of each other’s eyes.

number 8

No Longer Alone

Your fingers intertwined in his. Your arms around her shoulders. These are small yet loving gestures that you can capture to show the world how you have both treasure the love with one another.

number 9

Waiting for my Prince

Every bride is a princess, a beauty in a white dress and a maiden under the veil. No one is more deserving than you. Photos that show the groom striding towards the bride can show how much you both have journeyed together.

number 10

The Fairytale Kiss

The most intimate and softest expression of love is a kiss. Being both newlyweds, don’t be shy to steal a few pecks from one another as the camera clicks your way. A kiss always makes the wedding more magical.

A memory for a lifetime

Getting married doesn’t happen everyday. Immortalize one of the happiest days of your life by clicking away and capturing those precious moments to turn into heartfelt, fond memories.

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