Belle’s Love Story
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Belle’s Love Story

There are two important days in a girl’s life, the day she was born and the day she gets married. As a man, your life would be doomed if you forget these days. Belle’s prince knew exactly that and so he wanted the day to be special for her. What a better way to make the day special than to celebrate it with the family members. Her desire was to get married in a simple ROM and he made sure that her desires were actualized.

She couldn’t keep her eyes off her wedding dress. It fit her so well and she looked so beautiful. Dressed in a black suit, white shirt, black tie and a brown shoe, her fiancée was in front of her. This was the man of her dreams. He was all smiles and you would tell that he was ready for her. Finally it was time to exchange the vows. “To love and to cherish…” she opened her heart to him and he reciprocated. Tears of joy filled the air as the husband slide the ring down her finger. It was sealed, they were finally married.

Now as a couple, they decided to refresh their experience of the time when they first laid eyes on each other. This happened in the castle. They were both excited as they walked down the hallway holding hands. They shared the sweet memories of the past. He kissed her!! She felt so loved.

It was time for the grand banquet. Friends and family members were all gathered waiting for the couple to arrive. Cheers to the newly wed! Glasses of wine were all up in the air and the members were all ready to usher in the newly wed. It was such a wonderful moments.

Everyone was whishing them a happy life and they were all honored to have witnessed the event. Like a baby, she fed him and he felt like a king.

Belle looked forward to keeping the promises she made to her husband and she was happy to begin the new chapter in her life. They were finally a couple.


Writer’s Note

Thank you for reading this post. This is a work of fiction and names have been altered to fit the story.

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