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You may be curious to know who I am, an author or a photographer. But I always call myself a storyteller instead. Regardless of whether I use a pen or a camera, I enjoy telling the stories of whoever is in front of me. As a wedding photographer, I pride myself in both traditional weddings as well as the usual classics. As a writer, I am working on fairy tale retellings, Victorian history and ancient Chinese history. I have always found one part aspect of myself influence the other.

Through the lens, I capture the special moments in a relaxed way, always looking for the perfect available light and location. I love emotive and natural styles, and am always on a look out for those little details. As a writer, I can imagine what you say rather vividly. Penning down what you want, as I walk along the same roads as my characters, is something I enjoy as well.

Regardless of what you wish to contact me for, you can guarantee a beautiful story, regardless of whether it is in pictures or words.

Darkest Rose

Ella Desouza is a girl with a gift she doesn’t understand and a future she doesn’t want. Edmund Gilmore is a boy with a thirst for adventure driven by a purpose he cannot explain. When the two meet by an apparent mishap, they fall so deeply for each other they suspect it cannot have been a fluke.



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